About US

Banuia is on a mission to create clothing that not only embodies sustainability, luxury in its appearance and feel, but also provides a sense of well-being, all at a fair price.

We exist at the intersection of creativity, quality and innovation.

Where did it all start ?

The story begins in Sicily, Italy in 2020, when Giacomo Tamburino and Filippo Salom had a vision to create an affordable Italian clothing line of prime quality. They aimed to use 100% natural and premium fabrics that inspire people to embrace their best lives. Their goal was to redefine the perception of clothing, transforming it from a mere necessity to a source of wellness and happiness. To capture the essence of Sicily's vibrant colors and sense of well-being, they prioritized sustainability and embarked on a search for the finest fabric. Their journey led them to discover the magical sustainability of HEMP, a remarkable fabric with incredible potential.

Our Logo

Our logo's color palette draws inspiration from the natural and pastel hues of Sicily, reflecting its beauty and cultural heritage. The colors symbolize key elements of the island: Red for the fiery spirit of Mount Etna, Blue for the serene Mediterranean sea, Sand for Sicilian landscapes and traditions, and Off-white for the island's pristine air and wellness reputation. Our logo embodies tranquility, balance, and authenticity, capturing the essence of Sicily.

  • Water efficiency

    Hemp fabric requires significantly less water to produce compared to cotton fabric. On average, it is estimated that producing a hemp t-shirt requires roughly one-third of the water compared to a cotton t-shirt. This significant reduction in water consumption helps conserve freshwater resources and reduces the strain on water supplies. By choosing hemp clothing, you can contribute to water conservation efforts and promote more sustainable fashion choices.

  • Pesticide-free cultivation

    Hemp plants have natural resistance to pests and weeds, reducing the need for harmful chemical pesticides and herbicides. This pesticide-free cultivation contributes to a healthier environment by minimizing the release of harmful substances into the ecosystem. Choosing hemp fabric promotes sustainable and eco-friendly practices, supporting a cleaner and greener future.

  • Soft and Comfortable

    We've transformed hemp fabric from coarse to incredibly soft, providing a smooth texture that feels gentle on the skin. Experience comfortable everyday wear like never before.

  • Breathable

    Experience the benefits of hemp fabric with proper air circulation, preventing excessive sweating and maintaining skin dryness. This makes it a great choice for maintaining a fresh and clean feeling throughout the day. Explore the exceptional qualities of hemp fabric for ultimate comfort.