CELO1 is an Art & Design studio focusing on creating objects, installations, and spaces that interact with the viewer’s perception, evolving in different lighting conditions and points of view.


 Born from the collaboration of Costantino Gucci and Edward Raneri. They met during their studies in London and later went on to collaborate and develop their first projects together in 2018.

Costantino Gucci has been influenced by his family context, set on a path to be creative ever since. He graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2018 studying Art and Design.

Edward Raneri studied at Arts school which gave him a technical foundation in drawing and image composition. He also then learned to combine his artistic background with product design at Central Saint Martins - where he graduated in 2018.

CELO1 focuses on creating objects and installations that interact with the viewer’s perception. To achieve this, they often choose to work with reflecting surfaces like glass and mirrors. These materials affect the reflection of the viewer in unexpected ways.